ABCA is a youtube series created by Jsullivan1998

It began on November 4th, 2011, and ended Febuary 23rd, 2013. It made a comeback on November 29th, 2015, where the last episode was posted.

Episodes (In Order)Edit

Season 1Edit


New Assistant

Sharkbutt's Girl Friend

Christmas Special

Green Bird's "Sleepover"

Meet the Mighty Eagle

King Pig's Birthday

Moving Out

Valentines Day

Amnesiac Pig

Season 2Edit

King Pig's Day Off

Voo Doo Dolls

Meet the Orange Bird

What Happens at Night?

Ice Bird's Nightmare

Tribute to the Big Setup

Halloween Special

Studder's Game Show

Slender Man

Snow Day

Season 3Edit

Meet the Pink Bird

Christmas Special 2

Red Bird's Illness

Time Travel Trouble

Shark Butt Strikes Back

The Final Chapter


The King Pig's Egg-Celent Video

Pig Insurance

King Pig's Nightmare

Happy New Year! (2012)

The New Girl

The Scary Story

Huricane Sandy

Happy New Year! (2013)



Real Life Angry Birds

Real Life Angry Birds 2 Bloopers

Real Life Angry Birds

ABCA Intro

Best of ABCA

ABCA Bloopers

New ABCA Intro

Happy Late Easter!

Angry Birds Craptastic Movie

Birds in Space