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This is a wiki of the Angry Birds Craptastic Adventures series.

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This Wiki Will Tell Us All About The Series Named Angry Birds Craptastic Adventures.

P.S: the series has ended.

Here is a list of charcters:Edit

Red Bird


The Red Bird plush used.

First appearence* Real Life Angry Birds

First ABCA Appearence* Baby Sitter

Red Bird is the most intelligent of all the birds, he is usually the one who finds out something is a midst like when the eggs are missing or if the pigs are up to something. He along with all of the other Angry Birds hate the King Pig.

King Pig


The King Pig plush used in most videos.

First Appearence* Real Life Angry Birds

First ABCA Appearence*  Baby Sitter

Bio* The King Pig steals the eggs from the birds a lot, and when he is not doing so he does two others, plot to steal them or be mean. He isn't the brightest of the pigs but is fit to lead them.

Studder Mc Studderpants

Studder Mc Studderpants

Studder Mc Studderpants as he appears in the videos

First Appearence* ABCA Episode 1(Pilot) Veterenarian

Bio* Studder owns all of the stores in the world in ABCA, he is shown as being very dumb and always offers someone a slap. He works for the King Pig, a job which he begged for, and failed miserably at as he befriended the birds which he was hired to steal the eggs from.

Quotes: I'm gonna' give you fifteen slaps!


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