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Big Brother Bird

Big Bro

Big Brother Bird Name:Terence
Likes Notes
Friends The Birds
Enemys The Pigs
Family Red Bird


A giant cardinal with many spots on his body. He has a beak, black eyebrows, wrinkles, and a black tail. He potrays as a bigger, older version of Red.

Trivia Edit

  • When he reads, he fails a lot
  • He's also known as: Giant Red bird, Big Bro, Big Red, Red Bird's Brother, Dark Red Bird, Terence, and Fat Bird.
  • He is a brother to the Red Bird. Many people makes a fanon, about Big Brother is Red Bird's father, but this is not possibly true, he's a brother to him.
    Big brother bird

    "A B C D E F G....."

  • He is bad at reading although claims to love it.
  • He is the only bird to not hate Red Bird's Grandfather.
  • Whenever someone insults him, he gets tough, but fails to prove his point.
  • In the original Angry Birds series, Terence can't talk or move voluntairly on screen, but in this series, he can talk and move onscreen.
  • He likes notes even though he is terrible at reading.
  • Like White bird, he takes craps.

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