A screen shot of Birds in Space episode 2

Birds in Space is a miniseries of Angry Birds Craptastic Adventures episodes inspired by the Angry Birds game 'Angry Birds: Space'. This series is unique as the style of lighting and new characters and settings are introduced

Birds in Space: Episode 1

The episode begins with the birds sitting outside hanging out. As they are talking Orange bird claims he wants to go to space, even if he is only young. As they continue to observe things outside a bird falls out of the sky by the birds. The birds go to see it when it regains conciousness and then introduces himself as Ice Bird. After exchanging words and introductions, Ice Bird claims that the Pigs, while the Birds were alseep, took the Bird's eggs and flew into space before the Bird's could wake up and realize it. He also claims that they are building a base that could destroy the universe. While some of the birds disagree, the Red Bird agrees to go to space to get the pigs. He recruits all of the birds except for the White, Orange, and Green Bird, who are assigned to gaurd the Bird's house incase any other forces are a threat. Ice Bird travels to space as the Birds are transported with the help of Studder McStudderpants

Birds in Space: Episode 2

The episode begins with a brief summary/re-cap of the first episode.

The episode opens with the Birds finishing their trip to space. As it is very dark, it confuses the birds. As their vision enhances they realize that their appearance has changed, to fit the theme of the space.

Episode 3 the super clock.

King Pig says he cant see in the mask. The retarded pig comes and says if he wants that mask on. He says he already has it it on. The Pig walks away. Another pig tells King Pig that the people on Planet Hog refuse to let them take over. So King Pig tells the pig to go set up troops on Planet Hog, and asks him if his mask is sexy. Meanwhile the birds are walking and Ice Bird has a migrane. He says that Planet Hog is in great danger. Mask Bird than asks if he meant planet Hoth. Ice Bird asks what Planet Hoth is. He said that he predicts something bad will happen every time he has a migrane. Mask Bird then asks where Studder McStudderpants is. Blue Bird says he was at the gift shop. Studder then comes back with an alarm clock. He says its from Sweden. Ice Bird tells him that Sweden is 10,000 lightyears away and calls him an idiot. Studder getts upset and throws himself into the air. He floats because it is 0 gravity. He says he can't get down. The Birds laugh. Studder says he can get down. Mask Bird asks how he can get to Planet Hog. Ice Bird is about to start answering when Studder interrupts him and says he has an Idea. Mask Bird then says he won't let him slap him into space. Studder than drops the clock and says he can use it to go into space. Ice Bird picks it up and says it really is from Sweden. Ice Bird asks him how they do it. Studder picks up Lightning Bird and puts him on the clock and launches him into space. He then grabs Monster Bird. Then the rest of them. Then the 3 pigs come. King Pig points out the clock. Both of the gaurds hop onto it and get launched. Then King Pig gets launched. Meanwhile on Planet Hog. 15,000 lightyears away (From Earth not Planet Crap). They are setting up. They are gaurding and socializing. The easter pig asks if they want to celebrate Easter. They both say no and the Easter Pig leaves. A mustache pig is down below and gets kidnapped by something. The Helmet Pig than rolls of the cliff. Meanwhile on top the rest of the pigs are fine. Another Helemet pig rolls off. The Birds land. Mask Bird asks Ice Bird where they are. Ice Bird responds with the fact the alarm clock launched them into Planet Hog. They see something landing. Meanwhile a pig is talking to King Pig. King Pig asks the pig below how it is going. The Pig says that the guy below got kidnapped and there are some people. King Pig asks to bring him to them. He shows them and he accidentally shoves King Pig off the base.

Episode 4 the battle on hog.

The episode starts with a recap revisiting what happened in the last episode.

Masked Bird asks if Hog Vader landed on his face.Hog Vader groans and gets up.but the birds make fun of hog vader that turn out to be king pig.he send out the tiewalkers to fire. somewhere studder got to the atmosphere and he slaps a picture of presidents and studder starting to get pulled by the gravity and falls. and studder destroyed the tie walkers and the base too and the other pigs escaped.

episode 5

the secret base and a strange planet. meanwhile at base 2 the pigs got a memo that their first base is destroyed and king pig arrives to have a plan to rule the universe. the birds and studder except for ice bird that are in a ship traveling to get to the secret base and got broken cause of monster in a strange planet also known as the land of farts. they meet lord farts a lot and let them accept the chalenge. episode 6 the chalenge of the slapping contest

the birds and studder got to the chalenge and meet sharkbutt once again and studder wins.meanwhile back at base 2 the pigs have a plan to take the university's eggs.

episode 7 to the secret base.

studder sing a song that he love onions and their ship was turn out to be fine and finally got working to the secret pig base. they have arrived to the secret base and ice bird was here to and got the weapons such as knives and forks and got ready to battle.

episode 8 the final battle

the battle starts ad the birds are winning but they got down by king pig and the super clock stop him from his attack.and the battle still starts. ice bird defeated king pig and send them back to earth with the teleporter 9000.


  • In the first episisode, it is indicated this was the first episode one filmed outside. However, a large amount of the Movie was filmed outside.
  • during the beginning of the second episode. Red Bird asks why they are in space. However they were told that King Pig launched into space with the eggs in the first episode so the Birds went into space.
  • In the second episode, King Pig loses his Darth Vader mask. Then the birds start talking. Then it is another shot on the King Pig wearing the Darth Vader mask he lost.
  • When Blue Bird is launched into space The voice actor starts out as the Kind Pigs on accident.
  • Some episodes feature parorodys of Star Wars.
  • This series is similar to the game Angry Birds Space.
  • Red Bird breaks the fourth wall saying the name of the show in the beginning of the first episode.
  • While in the third episode, King Pig/Hog Vader escaped with his mask, but in the 4th episode, he doesn't have a mask anymore.