Blue Bird Names (When split into 3): Jim, Jay, Jake The Blues, BLUE BIRD, BLUE BIRD, BLUE BIRD.
Likes Laughing
Friends The birds
Enemys The Pigs
Best Friend Giant Red Bird
Species Blue Bird
Family Triplets, dead grandfather

Blue BirdEdit

Blue bird is one of main protagonists in the series Angry Birds Craptastic Adventures. He is protrayed as a bird that laughs all the time. The Birds that think he is annoying. According to most episodes, Green Bird. About 2 episodes, Black Bird (King Pig's Day Off and Meet The Orange Bird), and according to Birds In Space: Episode 2, Red Bird and Giant Red Bird. He also turns into Lightning Bird in Birds In Space

Blue bird

"HAHAHA you said ok!"


Blue Bird has appeared in every episode except in the episode Shark Butt's Girlfriend. His first Appearance is in the episode Baby Sitter.


He is the weakest bird. He tried to push a pig off the bed on king pigs birthday, but failed to even move him. in the end the pig helped him by throwing himself off the bed. blue bird thanked him for that.

He was a 5 inch plush in the first episodes, but now is a 3 inch one.

In Birds in Space he kept asking if Ice Bird was his brother.

Even though he divides into 3 in-game, he's never done that in any episode.

he is a single bird in the Angry birds Craptastic Adventures series.

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