A goomba was an enemy from Super Mario Bros.. The goomba's appearance was in What Happens at Night? And Angry birds Craptastic adventures the Final Chapter. Well in the Final chapter he Destroyed the eggs and he is one who brought Shark Butt alive and controlled

Him before he destroyed the eggs and there's 4 Angry Birds  characters he killed: Orange Bird (Bubbles), Chef Cochin, a Pig with a lisp and....big Brother bird (terence). By Cutting theirs heads With his Knife. Reasons why he did this

He got quished by Mario, get treated by Bowser and Bowser Won't let him play Wii U game. Now his voice was changed his was a mean enemy he killed Bowser and Brought him alive and also At the end he got stabbed in a Head With a knife and the handle part Removed by Red. This is what he Get for killing red's friends and King pig's friends and King pig wanted Him to kill a pig with a lisp

Because he is so annoying King pig didn't care about a Pig with a Lisp and also others characters he controlled:

Paz, SpongeBob Squarepants, Eugene krabs, Orange Bird's mom, Grover, Elmo,

The Baseball guy (who likes to play baseball), the Chocolate dude, pikachu,

Kirby, the Dumb Dinosaur and The Hungry Lion.

Voiced by: Jack (the final chapter)