Green bird

Likes Calling people d**ks , Pink bird (in meet the pink bird)
Friends The Birds

The Pigs

Family Dead parents, grandfather fanny
Best Friend(s) Black Bird (possibly)
Species Emerald Toucanete

Green Bird is one of the birds. His favorite phrase is "You stupid d**k". His first apperance is the "New Assistant". He is also known as Boomerang Bird.

Green bird

"aaaaaaah long day calling people dicks!"


A toucan with a long beak, black feathers on top and tail, black eyes and eyebrows.

Boomerang Bird 1

Green Bird Ingame sprite

Character Edit

Although in many episodes, he calls people names (espesially "d**ks") but he has a good heart, as according to him, when he calls people "d**ks", he just wants them to be themselves. Also, for christmas, He wanted "a shorter beak, world peace and for everyone to stop being a d**k." However, he had pleasure when he killed someone.But in a episode call "Meet The Pink Bird".He seems have a crush on Stella(or pink bird).


Old Green Bird Ingame Sprite.


  • Green birds second favorite word is "d**ktacular" which is said in Meet The Mighty Eagle part 1.
  • He is one of the five birds to have his name in an episode (Green birds Sleepover). The other four are in order: The Mighty Eagle, Orange Bird, Pink Bird, and Red Bird.

    Talking about Jurassic Park

  • He seems to get in fights with Black Bird.
  • He is said to be the weakest bird (although in the game this isn't true).
  • His favorite word is "d**k"
  • Green Bird hates Jurassic Park movie (the only bird to hate it, although Blue Bird gets scared).
    Angry-birds-toucan-green-1 33562 zoom

    Green bird

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