Angry Birds Craptastic Short Hurricane Sandy

Angry Birds Craptastic Short Hurricane Sandy

The episode itself

Hurricane Sandy is a short that was shot during Superstorm Sandy back in October. It follows a normal weather cast with Studder McStudderpants. A side character.


The episode opens up with Studder appearing infront of the curtains. Studder introduces himself and tells how Hurricane Sandy hit the east coast of the United States. The reporter asks him what the wind mileage is. Studder looks out the window and says it is very fast. Studder says he has no more news so it goes to 'Bob' with the weather. Bob says the weather is terrible. Studder compliments him on his hat. It goes back to Studder annoucing that he got a new job. An Anonymous person comes in and tells Studder he is fired from his new job. Studder then says that the series (Angry Birds Craptastic Adventures) has a wiki page (which you happen to be on right now). Studder then tells how someone is going around giving people 15 slaps. He then bolts toward the camera and the tape ends. It goes to Red Bird saying Studder should be fired.