He appeared in Birds in Space. His first appearance is in episode 1. Later, he joined the Birds in every episode. He also appeared in Ice Bird's Nightmare, which is similar to King Pig's Nightmare.

when he is so hungry he tried to find somethhing to eat but he is kidnapped by a chef pig.

he in the oven for 5 hours and in a blender for 6 hours.

he woke in a scream and he find out it was a nightmare.when watch the news about the milkshake, he starts to kill himself with a gun.

name:ice bird

likes:saving the world

friends:the birds. studder

enemies: the pigs sharkbutt(only in birds in space episode 50

species: Ice Bird
Ice bird

TRIVIA: He is the second character to be processed into food (Milkshake),

the first was king pig (Bacon).