One morning, King Pig wakes up. His snout hurts so he tells his guard that he decided to take the day off. He also tells him not to throw a party. A few minutes later, The guard runs into Chef Cochon and the two decide to throw a party. Meanwhile, Red bird wants to tell the other birds a joke, but they all leave before he can tell it. He then swears. Back at Pig's base, the party continues. A Foreman Pig offends a Pig that loves Christmas and then another Foreman Pig makes out with a Female Pig. Shortly after, a really drunk pig jumps off the bed and crushes a smaller pig. Later, An extremely pissed off King Pig calls his guard, who tells him everything is fine. Then a pig that is drunk steals the phone and tells King Pig that they have vodka, giving away their posts. Everything is fixed when King Pig gets downstairs. Then, The Drunk Idiot Pirate comes and gives the party away. He pukes on the floor three times, and then leaves. King Pig then had his two guards and Chef Cochon each do a disgusting task, and then be executed. The episode ends with Green bird interrupting Red Bird's singing.

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