Meet the Orange Bird is the 13th episode of Angry Birds Craptastic Adventures. In this episode Red Bird and the gang meet Orange Bird, the bird introduced in the 2011 Ham-o-ween episode in Angry Birds Seasons.

The EpisodeEdit

The episode starts out with a yellow duck accidentally dropping his or her egg over to the birds. Black Bird mistakes it for the duck taking their egg and knocking the duck out. They take their egg and put in the bowl of eggs they have. Red Bird points out that they're are only supposed to be 3 eggs in the bowl. Green Bird than tries to find out who pooped out another egg. He goes through all of them. The next shot has Orange Bird standing. Red Bird asks if he is here to steal the eggs. Green Bird then asks who he is. They turn around and see that their extra egg is gone. Orange Bird says he hatched from that egg. Red Bird says that he is too big for the egg. He sighs and decides to name him Orange Bird (Because he's Orange). Red Bird tells Orange Bird about the family, and how they need to keep away from the Pigs. He then introduces Orange Bird to the rest of the Birds. Green Bird decides to take a break. So all the birds leave and Orange Bird then says he will stay to gaurd the eggs. It cuts to King Pig and two mini pigs (one regular and one mustache) standing ready to get the eggs. King Pig walks up to Orange Bird, pulls out his gun and tells him to give the eggs. Orange Bird then warns him that something weird happens to him sometimes. King Pig says he doesnt care. It cuts to Orange Bird being inflated. King Pig shoots the gun and bounces of Orange Bird and shoots King Pig. He tries again with another gun and gets shot again and falls of the table. The mini pig (regular) says he will go to the hospital. He grabs a purple gun and shoots 3 times and gets shot again and falls off

King Pig says he has a new plan to crush Orange Bird with a book. He throws it down from a cabinet. It bounces back up and hits King Pig. He then says that he will stab Orange Bird with a fork. It bounces off Orange Bird and stabs King Pig in the eye. The two small pigs try helping King Pig. Next scene King Pig has a sardine. The Mighty Eagle comes and takes it. King Pig's final plan is throw an onion at Orange Bird. The small regular pig says that he is taking a risk because that food is Studder Mc Studderpants's favorite food. King Pig says he doesn't care. Studder then comes and attacks them for the onion. It cuts to the Orange Bird being congradulated for his hard work by Red Bird. They all go to sleep.



  • At the beginning of the video, the yellow duck is holding an egg. It is made of glass. When the duck accidentally gives it to the birds, it turns into a normal egg.
  • White Bird goes to take a crap while Red Bird is telling Orange Bird about the pigs. One shot later White Bird is back.
  • After the two small pigs get shot, they fall down, the time card says 5 second later,instead of 5 seconds later
  • In the larger part of MTOB, the attacks of the King Pig are taken place on the table. in the continued part, it was on the floor.
  • In the game, Orange Bird's name is actually Bubbles.