Paz an annoying penguin that likes giving people hugs
Likes Kids and Girlfriends
Friends The Birds, The Pigs
Enemys See above
Best Friend(s) The Pigs (Posible)
Family Unknown
Speicies Penguin
Paz is an annoying penguin. He loves kids and gives them hugs. He has a Birthmark on his belly. He seems to have a crush on King Pig or Female Red Bird. In the Christmas special, paz jumps out of a window after Studer Mcstudder Pants, to try and make the birds appreciate him. He last apeared in Angry birds craptastic movie

How paz would look like if he was real

in which he was recruited by Shark Butt to join his army to defeat the Birds. &nbsp Then he returned in Studder's Game Show.

Paz (right) next to female red bird (center) and shark butt (left).

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