Angry Birds Craptastic Short Pig Insurance02:00

Angry Birds Craptastic Short Pig Insurance

The episode

Pig Insurance is the 2nd short of the ABCA series. It revolves around a commercial for Insurance when Pigs steal your eggs.


It begins with Black Bird saying he has a solution for Egg Robbery by the pigs. He says to call 1-800-555-PIGINSURACE. It cuts to a demonstration of the Pig Insurance in use. Black Bird then shows that it works and tells you to buy it. Paz then makes an appearnce and tell you to buy Pig Insurance. He is shot by a gun.


  • 'Pig Insurace' is the shortest video on the channel to date. clocking in at 2:00 minutes
  • While the video is one of the most rated, it is one of the most negatively rated too. With 228 dislikes compared to its counterpart 348 dislikes. Rounding the amount of people who liked it to 60%

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