Female pig

Pink Bow

Pink Bow is a the only female pig from the show Angry Birds Craptastic Adventures, she is protrayed as the only female pig on the team. Not making many appearences, he is like a normal pig, but her goal really isnt to get the eggs. Her boyfriend is King pig who she started "dating" kissing and pawning now Prince pigs pawn mad


The Pink Bow's first appearence as a plush and not a character was in the episode, Sharkbutt's Girlfriend, where the plush of her is used as the disquise for one of the Green Pigs.

Pink Bow's first appearence was in the episode Valentine's Day. She does nothing much in this episode besides getting kidnapped and going out with Chef Conchon, she does not make another appearence in the show. she has a marige with prince pig!!!! anthor pig named pink bow loves chef cochon!!!!!!!!!


  • The Pink Bow plush's face looks same as the King Pig.
  • The Pink Bow plush has been in only 3 episodes, (Sharkbutt's Girlfriend, Valentines Day Part 1/2, Valentines Day 2/2) but the character has only been in two, (Valentines Day Part 1/2, Valentines Day Part 2/2).
  • she is pritty to her lover and sexy!!!!!!!Oooooooooo
  • hi im p... prince piggy
  • in pink bows first appearence she reveals herself to be french.

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