Likes Girl Friends
Enemies The Birds, (formerly) The Pigs(fomerly) Goomba (currently)
Friends The Pigs, The Birds(currently since he apologized to them)
Best Friend(s) The Birds(fomerly)
Family Unknown
Species Shark
Voiced by Jack

Shark Butt is a shark out of water. He does not have a girfriend much to his dismay. He is in the video Shark Butt's Girlfriend and many more. He was originaly a friend of the birds and served as the supporting protagonist, but by Angry Birds Craptastic Movie, he hates the birds and serves as the main antagonist.He last appeared in birds in space episode 6 where he lost the slapping contest.We will never forget him when he used to be the birds friend.He then returns in Shark Butt strikes back where he is defeated and killed by red bird using matrial arts. And then he is revived by Goomba and he reformed to become the birds' friend once more. And he had returned in the Studder Show. 

Ushari the Cobra from The Lion Guard is a lot like Shark Butt, except that unlike Ushari, who doesn't reform (it is unknown if he would ever reform), Shark Butt reformed to his old personality he had since his debut after being the villain for a long time. Also unlike Shark Butt, Ushari doesn't look for a girlfriend, and wants to be left alone instead of making friends.

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