Studder Mc Studderpants
Studder Mc Studderpants is a main character that appears in almost every episode of the series. It is shown that he is not very bright as when insulted he flies into the air weeping. He likes giving people slaps (most of the time =15) which a lot of the time people like him doing! A running gag in the show is that he usually says "YOUR SO MEAN TO ME!" and flies away.

Studder Mc StudderpantsEdit

Studder Mc Studderpants The dumbest and the most retarded puppet on the Angry Birds Island
Likes Onions, Potatos, Giving people slaps (15 most of the time)
Friends The Birds, The Pigs
Enemies Grover Monsters
Best friend(s) The Birds, The Pigs




Frank, King Onion, Susan, Sam

First Appearance

The Baby Sitter (flashback only)

Last Appearance

Sharkbutt strikes back
Voiced By Jack Sullivan

Occupation: King Pigs assistant (formerly), News anchor, (It is also revealed he owns every store on the planet) 

Studder Mc Studderpants is a funny character in the series. He also gives 15 or more slaps when your rude to him. He says "You're so mean to me!" whenever he gets insulted, even if it's not actually intended for him. He jumps into the air when people are mean to him. His favorite food is onions. He died when he drank a deadly milkshake, but returned in the ABCA Halloween Special, where it is revealed that he was revived. In that special, he is first seen telling a scary story about a monster. He is later seen in his brother Frank's house where he gives trick or treaters slaps instead of candy. Then on part 3 of the special he informs the other birds candy because they were "mean" to him. On the episode "Studder's Game Show", he won one million dollars to buy onions. On the episode "Slender Man", Studder hired Butler to disguise himself as Slender Man. On part 3 of the second ABCA Christmas special, it is revealed Elmo is one of his cousin's.


He has tanned skin, wears a builders hat and overalls, and has a funny voice. Over the time his voice has evolved from a high screaming wail to a low dramatic tone. In the Studder Show, he doesn't wear his hat


In almost every episode, and on The Studder Show