What Happens at Night? is the 14th episode of Angry Birds Craptastic Adventures, it consists of three parts.


White Bird blows up Green Bird's room and he asks Red Bird if he can sleep with him, and Orange Bird has to beacuse he is child. Then Red Bird closes the window, which squashes Green Bird's beak. When they go to sleep Mighty Eagle comes in and asks for tuna.

Then Studder Mc Studder Pants comes in and introduces a Goomba, and a pig named Poopy Mc Fartsalot. They take over his bed. So Red Bird leaves the room after they poop in his bed. Of course, the pigs have plans to steal the eggs, but fortunately, the birds manage to defeat the pigs and take their eggs back. Green Bird then tells Red Bird that he pooped his bed again, which enrages Red Bird, who closes the window on Green Bird's beak, squashing it. Red Bird then tells Green Bird that the window is closed on his beak all night.