yellow badge

Yellow Bird
Name: Chuck
Likes Japanese and Chinese food (so the birth is in china)
Friends The Birds
Enemys The Pigs
Best Friend King Pig
Family Unknown
Species Canary

Yellow BirdEdit

Yellow Bird Is The Third Main Charater In The Series. He Also Picks Up Japanese Food From Tokyo, as he loves japenese food (and chinese f
Assortment-all-bunch small 1

yellow bird along side othe birds

ood according to part 2 of the valentines episode).


He is Triangular Bird. Feather color is Yellow, he has brown eyebrows, black hair, and the beak that looks same as other birds.

Powers in the gameEdit

Speeds up on the air to take more damage to the Wooden objects. And that's why fans call him "Speedy"


He Appeares In Every Episode Except Shark Butt's Girlfriend.

Lazer BirdEdit

Yellow bird

"im just going to tokyo to pick up some japaneas food_ ill be back in a moment!"

In Angry Birds Space, Yellow Bird is pimped as a purple bird with Thunder hair and tail, and the Super Vision Glasses, he's now the Lazer Bird.

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